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beautiful home with new light grey vinyl siding and windows from Rosnello's

Exterior Upgrade: New Siding, Windows & Garage Doors

Our customer was looking to revamp the exterior of their home. We started with replacing some of the old windows in the home, adding new white capping to each opening. We then moved on to the siding, which we replaced with a beautiful light grey vinyl. The old wooden dual garage doors were replaced and capped with two new garage door units. The front door also needed some upgrading and we delivered with a brand new red front door unit, really adding some pop to the front of the home. Our customers were thrilled with the finished product and the transformation of their home.

renovated interior of a home featuring new window openings for a brighter living space

Brightening Up a Living Space

This Rosenello’s Windows, Siding & Roofing project aimed to brighten up a living space inside the home. Our customers were looking for some additional natural light in their living room and kitchen. We started by creating a new kitchen opening which was previously a solid wall. After opening up the kitchen space, we added two new window openings in the living room, maximizing the natural light intake. The new open layout delivers a much needed change from the previously closed off style. Learn more about Rosenello’s custom window installation service!

home with exterior renovations including new pale yellow vinyl siding and pent roof

Exterior Upgrade: New Siding, Windows & Pent Roof

The customer was looking for new siding, as well as a few brand new windows. We replaced the old siding with a pale yellow vinyl, and also replaced their front door with a new navy blue door unit. The window replacements were spread around the exterior of the house, highlighted by the beautiful new bay window on the front left portion of the home. We also completed work on the pent above the garage. The customers were thrilled with the new additions to their family home. Learn more about what to expect from vinyl siding and Rosenello’s during your home improvement project.

What To Expect


The process of substituting all or most of your old windows with new replacement windows is one that few homeowners go through more than once in their lifetime. Replacing all of the windows in your house is an investment that will have more than aesthetic appeal; it will result in money saving reduced energy consumption.


If you’ve been thinking of vinyl siding for your home, you’ve picked a good time. Vinyl quality has never been better and the range of design options is truly impressive. Among these are new trim profiles that go a long way toward making vinyl look more like traditional wood siding, especially the trim options.


Most people don’t even look at their roof; much less consider it a valuable aspect of their home. It’s understandable that homeowners are more interested in the layout of their kitchens and bathrooms, the living room, and dining areas…even the garage can carry more importance for homeowners.

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